About Us

General Food Merchants Ltd (GfM) has been importing premium quality organic honeys from around the world since 1994.
We gather honey from the most beautiful and diverse natural locations, from the pine forests of New Zealand to the tropical Yucatan peninsular of Mexico.

Every flower has a unique nectar, giving each of our honeys a distinct, natural flavour. We take care to minimise any heating required in the packing process to bring you the finest honey in its most natural, delicious state direct from the hive.

We are committed to protecting the environment which is essential in supporting the future welfare of the honeybee. To help where we can, we only use recycled or recyclable packaging, including choosing to pack our honey in more easily recyclable traditional glass jars over fashionable squeezy bottles.

General Food Merchants is one of the UK’s most trusted independent honey brands and prides itself on offering customers only the highest quality, responsibly sourced honey. We are fully accredited by the Organic Food Federation. Please contact us for further details.