Organic Blossom Honey 340g

GfM’s best-selling organic blossom honey is gathered from wildflower foraging bees, resulting in a beautiful sweet, natural flavour.

Organic Forest Honey 340g

GfM’s organic forest honey has beautifully rich, malty flavours. Dark amber in colour, each jar captures the herbaceous and woody notes of a forest scene.

Organic Acacia Honey 340g

GfM’s organic Acacia honey is of exceptionally high quality creating a crystal clear, silky honey with delicate flavours.

Organic Clear Clover Honey 340g

GfM’s organic clear clover honey has a distinctive, light colour with beautiful butterscotch and floral flavours.

Organic Set Clover Honey 340g

GfM’s clover makes arguably the best set honey in the world. GfM’s organic Clover honey is collected from the rolling uncultivated pastures of New Zealand and lightly whipped to create a very smooth, delicate honey that is perfect spread on toast or paired with desserts.

English Country Honey 340g

GfM is proud to support British Beekeepers by offering our beautiful clear summer honey. GfM’s English country honey is foraged from wildflowers creating a wonderful natural taste with hints of barley sugar and floral complexity.

Tastes of the World Collection

English Countryside Honey, Organic Set Clover Honey, Organic Clear Clover Honey, Organic Forest Honey, Organic Acacia Honey, Organic Blossom Honey

A perfect treat for honey lovers everywhere, GfM’s Tastes of the World collection take you on a culinary journey from the orchards of England to the rolling pastures of New Zealand via the Acacia forests of Hungary.

Countryside Collection

Organic Set Clover Honey, Organic Forest Honey, English Countryside Honey

Bring the taste of the great outdoors to your dining table with GfM’s delicious Countryside Collection.

Organic Cooks Collection

Organic Forest Honey, Organic Acacia Honey, Organic Blossom Honey

As many of us prefer to use organic honey in place of refined sugar, GfM has put together a classic Organic Cooks Collection of versatile honeys, perfect for baking, marinating, saucing and finishing.